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Complete safety solution not only in cars Car-safe box is a newconcept in the field of security for valuables in vehicles which are not only for business but also for private users. The design of the box looks like a suitcase with rounded edges bywhich it combines the highest demands for appearance and service, while maitaining maximum safety.

car-safe box

• protecting your valuables, HW, SW, data, digital and video cameras, documents etc. • it combines the safety of the valuables and the vehicle by GPS/GSM • monitoring of movement and tracking via the internet and mobile phone • it guarantees employers control over their devices and business data • during private journeys it increases the protection of personal possessions and even gives protection to the vehicle


During development , prototype production and verification series, our company has carried out many trials and tests of the csb in order to ensure that the final product meets required parameters. Car-safe box was tested and accredited in test laboratory No. 1095 - TREZOR TEST s.r.o. for testing of safes, moreover in breakthrough resistance, lifetime, functionality and security according to CSN. The certification was made by the accredited authority No. 3025. Car-safe box has been successfully tested according to CSN 91 6012 to resistance level Z1 and Z3, which is the the highes resistance for car safes. As we mentioned above we achieved resistance class Z3. Because of this it is possible to store weapons and ammunition according to law No. 119/2002 latest edition. On 20th of June 2011 a special drop test was carried out - height of 5 m, impact surface - steel plate 20mm, No. of drop tests - 10, result - passed. Expert opinion No. 23044-11-TAC from TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o for the tough fixing in vehicles.

Clever installation

No restrictions in use The highest priority of the car-safe box is its clever solution of fixing in a vehicle and also temporary fixing for example in hotels, buildings, offices etc.Car-safe box is designed for two variations of fixing. One variant is a hard attachment in a special console, the second variant is solved by a cable fixing. You can also use double fixing cables.Each variation is secured from within when the box lid is closed, so this system is impossible to release from outside. This fixing solution of the safe guarantees, in the case of neccessity, easy release without tools. A high toughness of fixing is certified and guaranteed in tests.
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car-safe box - jediný autotrezor na trhu s kombinovaným mechanickým a elektronickým zabezpečením - vyberte si z variant MECHNICAL, MECHATRONIC nebo LOCATOR.
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